List of Bicycle Manufacturing Brands in India 2018

Despite the growth in the number of motorbike users, bicycles still own a special place in our lives. The industry also has managed to revive by adding new and interesting features to this vehicle. Today we’ve got a fresh list of Bicycle manufacturing brands in India 2018, these are the best ones in the country, having their footprint across the globe.

This simple vehicle is much beyond just a means to commute. When paddling it is considered to be the counterpart of a workout session, they also help in reducing pollution, at the same time being pocket-friendly. An impressive collection of bicycles can be found in the market. There are regular ones which are used by the majority of the population, whereas the premium models are high on price and are usually used as exercise equipment and for sport. Let’s get started to find more about the cycles from top brands.

Top 10 Best Bicycle Companies in India 2018

Hercules Cycles

hercules cycles

The Hercules Cycles was started by Harry Crane and Edmund in the year 1910. The company has a wide range of vehicles for men, women, and kids. This is one of the reliable manufacturers in the market who is most known for the durability their products. It is the first company to introduce the geared mountain bike in India which became very popular amongst youngsters. The Hercules Bicycle price starts from Rs.3500.

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Hero Cycles

hero cycles

Hero Cycles is an Amritsar based cycle company which started in the year 1944. It is one of the biggest bicycle manufacturers in the world, producing the best quality products. They have an excellent range exclusively for the adventure lovers, MTB Himalayas, to paddle through the hills.

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BSA Cycles

bsa cycles

BSA (Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited) has been to bicycle manufacturing business since 1880. The company is one of the leaders in this segment has a wide variety of this vehicle. Some of its popular range includes Shine, Lady Bird, Aspire, Deluxe, etc. These are decently priced and hence are affordable.

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Avon Cycles

avon cycles

Avon Cycles is another Indian brand which has a strong foothold in the bicycle market. The company has started its business before the independence of India and continues to successfully generate sales from more than 85 countries worldwide. It is most known for having high-quality products at an effective price. However, it has also introduced a series luxury bicycles – Keep Fit and Hi Power.

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Atlas Cycles

atlas cycles

The year 1951 marks the beginning of the journey of Atlas Cycles. At present, the company has its existence in more than 50 countries worldwide, manufacturing a range of bicycles models that are ideal for city ride, mountains, and sports.

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Kross Cycles

kross cycles

Kross Cycles, the subsidiary of Hero Eco group, manufactures technology packed bicycles having excellent design and features, matching to the international quality standards, at much affordable prices. The company has its global presence in more than 80 countries.

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Cannondale Cycles

cannondale cycles

The American based Cannondale Cycles is the manufacturer of premium bicycles. The company pioneers in using aluminum frames cycles and making handmade cycles embraced with carbon fibers instead of the regular steel and titanium frames used by other manufacturers.

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Schwinn Cycles

schwinn cycles

Being in business for more than 120 years, Schwinn Cycles has a strong foothold. Currently, the company manufactures two lines of the bicycles. The first line is moderately priced whereas the second line includes higher-end models which are more on luxurious side.

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Hi Bird Cycles

hi-bird cycles

Hi-Bird is an India based company, established in 1994, manufactures a wide variety of bicycles as much as 140 variants to support every need of the customers. They have gained a prestigious reputation through their unparallel product quality and service.

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La Sovereign Cycles

la-sovereign cycles

La Sovereign is yet another Indian bicycle brand is most known for high-quality products. Through their wide variety of product range, the company has a managed to have a successful brand presence in the country as well as in foreign lands.

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List of Bicycle Manufacturing Brands in India 2018
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