Eelo OS Mobile Phones – is it coming soon in India?

The year 2018 marks the beginning of a new cut-edge technology, Eelo. It is an open source operating system, associated with web services without Google, claiming to provide users with the best privacy enabled smartphones. The Eelo OS Mobile Phones is expected to be coming to India soon.


For the maker, Project Eelo is seen as an attempt to create a highly-secure smartphone technology using a completely open source ROM. Though the technology is a new one, it is more about the user experience, their choice for privacy and keeping their personal secure all the time.


Most smartphone users’ look for better privacy and does not really like sharing their private information. However, they are also inclined towards using the mainstream apps. The lack of access to these, was the reason behind the failure of a similar attempt made with Firefox OS. Thus, it is evident that Eelo is not going to have any app that is bad for privacy, but it will provide many alternatives for the users to access the web services.


Currently, Project Eelo is running on a prototype phone and we can expect to be in the smartphones by the end of this year. Till then, keep visiting this page for latest updates.

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Eelo OS Mobile Phones - is it coming soon in India?
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