Best Food Delivery Apps in India

Top 5 Best Food Delivery Apps in India 2017

With food just a click away, foodies have a new reason to rejoice. Now, there are a huge number of apps that lets you enjoy the best dishes at your home. Are too many options available making you indecisive? Worry no more. Today, we’ve come up with the top 5 best food delivery Apps in India in 2017. These have good features and swift delivery service, which anyone looks for.

What is food ordering or delivery app and how it works?

Food ordering apps, as the name suggests, allow users to order and get eatables delivered to doorsteps. These enable you to view and get numerous discount deals, cash back, and other customised promotional offers on your favourite delicacies.

These apps function based on two popular formats. They are either independent restaurant mobile applications using which you can order a home delivery, or simply online food delivery service providers bringing to you delicacies from any restaurants in your vicinity. However, one common element found in both these types is their constant effort to make the service better and engaging to retain their users.

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Which are the top 5 best Online Food Delivery Apps in India?

We have created this list based on what consumers want? So, you can find food ordering apps offering their service, preferably at low prices, provide discounts and cash back in high volume, expansive variety to explore, top rated eateries nearby, easy accessibility, and availability of food at all times.

  1. Foodpanda
  2. Zomato
  3. Swiggy
  4. JustEat
  5. Faasos

Wanna order food on mobile? Here is the list. Download the App and get started.



The Foodpanda mobile app relieves from doing a repeated task. If you have a profile, you can save your favourite restaurants and multiple delivery addresses, so that, next time you order, without any extra effort you can straight away get the food you want to your preferred location. It is the most popular in many cities across India.



Zomato is an India grown multinational company that works in 23 countries across the globe. The App provides food related information for almost all restaurants in your city. You can very easily view the menu and choose what you want to order. They even provide table reservation service.



The Bengaluru based Swiggy offers a complete solution for an easy and a hassle free ordering of food, from your neighbouring restaurants. Thus, you can taste the best of all the mouth-watering dishes at your place. The best part of their service being they serve when the food is still hot.



At JustEat too you can get foods from nearby restaurants. You can browse their menu and place order.



Faasos is a very popular food joint that has a large selection of recipes, especially from Indian cuisines. The online site has simple navigation, thus simple to use. There are options for order customization too. You can also get discounts and cash back on your orders. So, once you’ve finalised what you want, you can get it delivered to you.




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