Ideas for Holi Celebration 2017: Enjoy Colour Full Festival

Are you ready to welcome the spring festival? Here are some of the best ideas for Holi Celebration 2017. These are unique ways to make the colour full festival exciting and fun. Try these activities, you’re surely going to enjoy!

Holi is definitely one festival that everyone must experience. The flickering colours spread in the air bring contentment to the soul. The vivid hue tints the whole atmosphere around you and makes the sky look kaleidoscopic. Though it is known by a variety of names in different regions, but the fun associated remains the same. You will be spoiled for choice of edibles and sweets, while the intoxicating bhang setting the mood to celebrate with a blast.

Here are some playful ideas to manifold the fun of celebrating the Festival Of Colour:

Get Started – Prepare Colourful Invite


Prepare interesting invites wrapped in a colourful envelope. Send these greetings to your friends and relatives.
Visit the online store to order your customised cards. Holi offers are available on these, therefore you can buy them at an economical price too. Check them if you are planning to buy.

Colour Blast: Select the Hues


The festival is about colour. So, you need to find the right type of it. Avoid buying the chemical ones instead use herbal Gulal. These don’t spoil your skin and hair, at the same time can be easy removed later. After all, your happiness must continue and not end up in trauma.

Select Special Music for Holi


The right kind of music brings the real exuberance to the celebrations. Grab a collection of songs from your favourite party-numbers, Bollywood Holi songs, etc., play them at full blast while you shake a leg enjoying the rhythm.

Holi Dress Up All whites

holi-clothes-white -colour

Get your special clothes ready to play Holi. Pick from lightweight cotton fabrics that will keep you cool throughout. You can buy from kurtas, tops, tees, sarees, shirts, etc., but remember to get them in white or in light shades. Pair your outfit with colourful slippers and easily get your refreshing style.

Evening Party: Brimming -Beverages & Snacks


Holi party never completes without food. Order lip-smacking snacks and beverage serve your guests. Online food store offers a range of delicacies from a wide range, get them to relish the delectable taste.



Throw your party in a well-decorated place. You can deck the area with colourful lanterns, balloons, ribbons, etc., to make it look as colourful as possible, thus becomes a perfect ambiance for Holi celebration.

Check the offers at major online Home & Kitchen Stores.

Gifts: A token for care & affection


Gifts have the power to bring happiness on who receives it. Get the delightful presents for your dear ones. You can buy sweets, hampers, cards, dry fruits, chocolates, clothes, and more. Hand them a box and make the occasion even more special.

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Ideas for Holi Celebration 2017: Enjoy Colour Full Festival