How to remove Holi color from face? – 2018 Tips

Holi, one of my favorite festivals and I am sure it is for many. When it comes, along with loads of joy and happiness, it brings some pain as well. I am talking about the stains that are left behind on your skin after celebrating this blissful day. This is why the question, “How to remove Holi color from face?” trends much before actually the time. Since the festival day is approaching soon, I’ve have listed 5 quick and helpful tips that can ease your troubles.

Whatever process you follow, always remember to be gentle with your skin to prevent any further damages.

5 Tips to remove Holi color from face

Clean with Cold water


After you play Holi, always use cold water to wash the color from your face. Hot water makes the color stick to your skin, making it even harder to get rid of them.

Apply Oil or Moisturizer


Immediately after the bath, apply a thick coat of coconut, mustard or olive oil or moisturizer or Vaseline on your skin with the help of your finger or cotton ball, leave it for half an hour, then gently rub, and wash off. Because of the greasy nature, these stick to the color particles and loosen it from the skin, which helps in speeding up removing process.

Soothe Skin with Honey & Rosewater


While removing color, you can apply honey and rose water on your face. This will act as an antiseptic which will protect your skin from irritation and rashes.

Apply Multani Mitti Paste


You can use Multani Mitti pack to remove color from the face. But, use this only if you have a very oily skin. Applying color to your skin already makes it dry, so, this is not recommended for those who have normal or dry skin.

Nourish Skin with Homemade Face Mask


Prepare a homemade face pack using ingredients that you can easily find in your kitchen. Take some gram flour, a pinch of turmeric, a teaspoon of honey, and add some milk or yogurt to make a thick paste. Apply this to all over the face and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Thereafter, wash off with cold water. This will help you get rid of color and simultaneously it will  also moisturize your skin.

All these processes are proven and give you the best result. But, avoid over washing as that can make your skin dry. Also, avoid using any harsh chemicals like bleach or scrub for at least a week.

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How to remove Holi color from face? - 2018 Tips
Find out how to remove Holi color from face? We have listed 5 easy and helpful tips for upcoming 2018 Holi.