Intel 5G‬ – Upcoming Smartphone: Apple, Nokia, Lenovo, Mi, LYF JIO, and more

The Intel 5G is the new processor chip introduced for powerful and seamless connectivity of devices. Reportedly, the popular handset manufacturers like Apple, Nokia, Lenovo, Mi, LYF JIO, Huawei, ZTE, and more are soon going to introduce Intel 5G‬ Smartphone in India.

Mobile phones have evolved over the years to shape up what we see it today, becoming smarter every single time. The upcoming Smartphone powered by the next generation technology is going to unlock a smarter society which has the potential to be seamlessly connected. Get set to enjoy the change.

Intel 5G‬ – Upcoming Smartphone

Apple Intel 5G‬ Smartphone


Apple is known for bringing in innovation. Even in the lately released iPhones – 8 and 8 Plus they have introduced Intel chips. The company thinks ahead and probably will start making 5G technology incorporated handsets soon. Thus, buyers can wait for the new powerful, smart, future device from the brand.

Nokia Intel 5G Smartphones


I would be interesting to see Nokia build and introduce Smartphones with Intel 5G next-generation network technologies as they might bring along some other innovative feature as well. The company re-entered the Smartphone market with Android OS devices also introduces a unique camera feature known as “bothie”, which allows user capture moments with front and back cameras at the same time.

Lenovo Intel 5G Smartphones


Lenovo, one of the market leaders in Smartphone segment, has a series of devices with most advanced features. Thus it can be assumed that it too will start working towards Intel 5G technology incorporated phones.

Xiaomi Mi Intel 5G Smartphones


Xiaomi captured the budget Smartphone market ever since the company started selling its devices in India. These handsets are incorporated with the latest technology. Though there is no confirmation on building handsets with Intel 5G next-generation network technologies, they think of introducing it soon.

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Intel 5G‬ - Upcoming Smartphone: Apple, Nokia, Lenovo, Mi, LYF JIO, and more
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