15+ Funny Kitty Party Games for Ladies & Kids in India

Planning a Kitty party at your home? Being a host, you must be prepared well in advance to make sure every guest is occupied and entertained. The best way to do so is by playing indoor games. Of course, we have a set of usual ones like singing songs or Antakshari, Dumb Charades, Tambola, Cards, Coins, etc. But, those are too common and played everywhere, for years. So, why not try something new and interesting this time. We have a list for you, try these. You can pick from more than 15 Funny Kitty Party Games for ladies and kids in India, these are hassle free to arrange and fun to play. Enjoy these with snacks.

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Best Kitty Party Games

Match the Bangle Colour

Things needed: Colourful bangles, pen, paper, and a big bowl.

Rule: This is a one minute game in which you have to mark colour bangles with points. For example, yellow bangle- 2, red bangle-1, etc. Write colour names on chits of paper and fold them. Now, ask your guest to randomly pick 5 of these chits and read out the names.

Winner: Whoever has the maximum number of points wins.

Who are You

Things needed: Papers and pens according to the number of players.

Rule: A piece of paper (same size) and the pen is given to the guest taking part in the game. Players have to write their first name as many times they can on the given sheet, within one minute. After this, the player has to pass the paper to the person sitting immediate right, who will count the number of times the name is written.

Winner: Whoever has the maximum number of times her name written on the paper, wins it.

Say Brand Names

Things needed: Papers and pens.

Rule: Distribute papers and pans. Take any product like TV, lipstick, bags, etc., and ask the players to write down as many brand names they know for it, in two minutes. Ask the guests to write down all possible brands of makeup in two minutes. You can change it to cars, bags etc. It is one of the simplest yet interesting written games for a kitty party.

Winner: Whoever writes the maximum number of brands wins.

Tie the Pebbles

Things needed: Handkerchiefs (same size), pebbles, and rubber bands.

Rule: Guests playing this game has to tie as many possible pebbles in a handkerchief with the help of rubber bands within one minute.

Winner: Whoever tie the maximum numbers of pebbles wins.

Tongue Twisters

Things needed: List of funny Tongue Twisters

Rule: Player has to repeat the given Tongue Twister without any gap or pause for one minute.

Winner: Whoever repeats the Tongue Twister correctly for maximum numbers of times wins.

Read the Color

Things needed: A sheet of paper with “Colour Names” printed in other colours.

Rule: In this kitty party game, the guests have to read out colour names in which the word is written and not the word without pause for one minute.

Winner: Whoever reads the maximum number of words correctly wins.

Guess the Advertisement

Things needed: Photos of TV commercials, pens, and papers.

Rule: Hand out blank papers to the participants. Show the photo of TV commercials one after another and ask the players to write from which advertisement it is taken. Give one minute to write the name for each.

Winner: Whoever has written maximum right answers, wins.

Movie Name Please

Things needed: Pens, papers and a list of 5 popular on screen pairs.

Rule: Distribute papers and pens among the players. Tell the name of onscreen pairs one by one and ask the players to write the name of all the movies each of these pairs have acted together.

Winner: Whoever writes the maximum number of correct movie names for each pair wins.

Unlock with Key

Things needed: 10 pairs of locks and keys

Rule: This game is played in turns, one at a time. The player is handed a bunch of keys. She has to open the locks using them within one minute.

Winner: Whoever opens the maximum number of locks within the specified time, wins.

Eat the Snack Game

Things needed: Snacks you want to play and plates according to the number of players.

Rule: Take any snack (for example Samosa). Put equal numbers of it on all the plates. Serve it to the guests. Now, ask them to eat as many as they can within 2 minutes.

Winner: Whoever eats the maximum pieces, without wasting, wins.

Alphabetical Chat

Things needed: Chairs arranged in a circle.

Rule: The guests taking part in this game needs to sit in a circle. As a host, you can start by saying a sentence beginning with alphabet ‘A’ (eg: “An elephant is big”). Now, ask the player sitting next to you, on your left-hand side to say another sentence with the next alphabet, ‘B’ and so on, continuing in a clockwise motion. Each player will be given 10 seconds to start. If within that time the participant is not able to speak out, she will be eliminated. Sentences cannot be repeated.

Winner: Whoever is not eliminated till the end of the game, wins.

Test the Memory

Things needed: 20 small items like a match box, pencil, makeup, key ring, soap, etc. Tray and a cloth to cover it. Pens and blank papers.

Rule: Arrange all 20 items on a tray in a way that every single piece is properly visible. Make all the players sit in a circle. Keep the tray in the middle so that it is visible to all. Exactly after 30 seconds cover the tray. Now, ask the participants to write down the names of the items they remember. Give 5 minutes time to complete.

Winner: Whoever writes the maximum number of names correctly, wins.

2 Questions 1 Answer

Things needed: List of names which is an answer for 2 things. For example, Cancer is the answer for a deadly disease as well as a Zodiac sign, Tajmahal is the name of a famous monument as well as a Tea brand, Kiwi is a name of as bird as well as a Shoe Polish brand, and so on. Papers printed with 2 questions and a blank space to write the common name.

Rule: Hand over the printed paper to the guests wishing to participate in the game. Set time limit according to the number of question on the page, allocating 1 minute for each. Announce the start and stop of the game.

Winner: Whoever has maximum correct answers, wins.

Separation Anxiety

Things needed: 30 buttons of 6 different colours and 6 glasses.

Rule: Call one player at a time. In one minute, ask the players to put the buttons in 6 glasses one by one. They have to put same colour buttons in same glasses. Make sure no glass is left empty.

Winner: Whoever puts maximum buttons in correct glasses, wins.

The Nut Stacker

Things needed: Nuts.

Rule: In one minute members have to stack as many nuts possible.

Winner: Whoever manages to put the maximum number of nuts wins.

More ideas coming up soon! Stay tuned.

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