Why book Movie Ticket Online? Not Offline – 2018 Tips

How many times did you face this, after waiting in a long queue when it’s finally your turn to get tickets, the signboard on the window is flipped to “Houseful”? This was a very common earlier, happening every second time. But now there is a solution to it, booking Movie Ticket Online. This is just one reason, there were other defined factors which stimulate choosing the online mode over the offline one.

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In today’s hectic schedule, time-saving plays the biggest driving factors which contribute to the increase in the number of online ticket booking users every single moment. Adding to this, there are other dominating aspects which I have included below. You may scroll to find them out.

Why book Movie Ticket Online and not Offline?

Booking can be done from Comfort of home

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In Online booking, tickets can be purchased from the comfort of the home. It is simple and easy. Unlike the offline mode, you don’t have physically visit each and every theatre to find out whether the film you want to watch is screening, availability of tickets or the timing. All these information are at your figure tips, just a few clicks and your seat is booked.

Gives Liberty to choose seat


Online Movie Ticket booking gives you the liberty to choose the exact location of your seats from the various shows running at different multiplexes. This is definitely impossible with offline booking.

Convenient Payment Options


Online ticket booking retailer website allows users to use payment modes of their choice from debit/ credit card, net banking, wallet, UPI, and other available ones which offline booking more often lacks.

No wait time

Your seats are already booked, you just have to go to the theatre when the show begins and occupy them. This is unlikely with offline booking where you need to reach the window well in advance the show timing to get tickets before it goes Houseful.

Ticket Booking Offers


Discount and other Offers are one the most attractive part of online movie ticket booking. After all who doesn’t like to save some bucks while spending? The discounts, buy 1 get 1 free, and other benefits, offered by the retailer or their associated banks or the digital wallet companies makes it interesting enough to draw attention of the movie buffs, who like hopping to the theatre every now and then or with new release or simply love watching their favourite actors perform on screen again and again. All the more, you can even compare the amount of saving with different retailers.

Extra Cashback on Ticket Booking

Extra Cashback is another interesting benefit that you can never get on your offline transaction. This is because you get a certain amount of money back when you book movie tickets through a Cashback website and this is given to you on top of every Offer you have already availed. So, whoever wants this has to book online.

I personally prefer online movie ticket booking, what you think is better? Share your thought with me.

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Why book Movie Ticket Online? Not Offline - 2018 Tips
Know why to book Movie Ticket Online? Not Offline - 2018 Tips.