Samsung India: What is Bixby Voice? How to Use It?

Samsung India is about to release a new language support, a virtual voice assistance for its flagship Smartphones, Samsung S8 and S8 Plus with the latest update. This is Bixby. It will completely revolutionize the ways you use your phone. Use any medium to command – voice, text, swipe, or just touch, it understands all. Lost for words? Just focus your mobile the camera on landmark you want information about, the application will analyze on-screen content get handy information about it. All the more, it is customized and so constantly learns to get better with handling your day-to-day tasks. Scroll down to know more about what is Bixby Voice, how to use it, releases date, how to activate, and so on.

What is Bixby Voice?

Bixby Voice is a voice assistance mobile application offering new ways to use your phone. You don’t have to type anything as it uses voice command to set alarms, send text messages, and perform other requested actions. This application is soon be integrated into pre-installed native apps like Contacts, Photo Gallery, Camera, Phone Settings, etc., to control them as well.


Bixby intelligence sees what you are looking for and provides handy information to know better. It learns your routine and recommends you on recent and upcoming events, and more. It also reminds you of everything right on time.


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What is Bixby voice release date?

Currently, Bixby voice assistant is available in South Korea in Korean language and the US in English. As far as the release date in India is considered, nothing is heard from the company. However, we can expect it to finalize soon. Check this space to get latest update.

Bixby voice release date – January 2018 (expected)

How to use Bixby Voice?


Follow the steps below to use Bixby Voice. This is for users in the US. A similar process will be followed for users in UK, Canada, and India as well.

  1. Download Bixby Voice App
  2. Activate Bixby Voice
  3. Press Bixby button or speak the “Hi Bixby” voice command.
  4. Use talk, tap or type to make your phone perform actions.

You can use this app to get information about any places from its picture, check the schedule, get reminded of the time, and so on.

How to activate Bixby Voice?

You can activate Bixby Voice by pressing the dedicated Bixby button or “Hi Bixby” command. It is available only on Samsung S8 and S8+ smartphones for now.


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