Self Healing Smartphone Price, Launching Date, Review and More

Scratched and cracked phone screens will no more be a nightmare scenario for you. Scientists have designed a polymer that can stretch itself to fuse those damaged on the display and regain the flawless self within 24 hours. It is said that the new material can stretch itself as much as 50 times. The phones having this upgraded property will be shortly available to users. We’ll update this space with all latest information about Self Healing Smartphone price, launching date, review and more as soon as we hear them.

What is Self Healing Smartphone Price?

Self Healing Smartphones is currently no available in the market. It is expected to release by 2020 in Indian and other countries.

Self Healing Smartphone – Rs 25000 (expected)

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When is Self Healing Smartphone Launching Date?

It is estimated that the smartphone screens and other consumer durable products made from the stretchable polymer could be available in the market within the next three years that is by 2020.

Self Healing Smartphone Launching Date – Year 2020 (expected)

Self Healing Smartphone Review


This won’t be the first time that this kind of device with self-healing property is going to be introduced. An LG phone model, G Flex features it too. In this smartphone, the back cover is made from a similar material having a self-heal property that could repair small scratches. The new one is expected to function far better compared to the earlier ones, even under harsh climatic condition.


The new self-heal material, apart for differing in the chemical composition with the available ones, will be used on the mobile screen and in the battery. This will help the Smartphone screen remain intact and fix the dropped phones issues to last longer.

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Self Healing Smartphone Price, Launching Date, Review and More
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