Spain Nixes Burger King Ad

Burger King’s new Ad campaign for its monster XXL burger should be refrained from promoting immediately as it violates the initiative taken by the Spanish Health Ministry against the obesity.

Each of these burgers contains on an average 971 calories, which is equivalent to 10 fried eggs, and is nearly 50 percent of daily consumption allowed for any active teenager. Along with this, it includes another 25 grams of saturated fat. This number can even go higher when condiments like ketchup, mayonnaise, etc., are added to it.

The advertisement displayed on the company’s Spanish Web site features a slogan: “It’s awful being a vegetarian, right?” To this, the company addressed that through this campaign, they are just explaining their new line of burgers that are added to the menu recently. However, customers can always choose what they prefer, add or remove ingredients as they like.

Burger King’s first European restaurant was launched in Spain, Madrid in the year 1975. At present, they have hundreds of outlet spread across the country.

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