Top 10 Unique Christmas Gift Basket Ideas For Families

While you might think it a bit too early to be thinking about Christmas gifts, but it’s actually not, especially when you live in a different city from your family. Selecting proper gifts and sending them takes quite a lot of time. This is why, forecasting this tendency, we have prepared a list top 10 unique Christmas gift basket ideas for your family to help you find the most unusual gifts of the season. Your gift will become unique and best, something way from the regular, that too without much effort on thinking about getting them. So let’s find out what you can buy from this list.

What you’ll be seeing here are the trendiest products of the year that you can definitely buy. What I mean is that when you start hunting for gifts, there may be a lot of things that may come across, making it hard for you to pick. But with this handpicked gift ideas, all you need is to know a little bit about the taste of your dear ones, which surely you do, and grab the one that is most suitable to their taste.

Top 10 Unique Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

1. Kindle E-Reader

kindle e-reader

This is a perfect present for the book lover in your family. In this device they carry all the books of their choice wherever they go. The Kindle E-Reader allows access to a selection of millions of downloadable books and store them in just a small portable device. They will no more need another book shelf at home or an additional baggage to carry books while travelling.

2. VR Headset

VR Headset

When Virtual reality is the new upcoming trend, a VR Headset is a must have product for all smartphone users. It lets you enjoy visualizing virtually anything and enter a world of imagination. These highly technology laden devices are affordable and serve as a great gift too.

3. Oil-Free Air Fryer

Oil-Free Air Fryer

Is there a cook in your house? Why not present him or her Oil-Free Air Fryer. This is a great buy that allows you enjoy the taste of fried foods without having to eat oil. These can fry food without using oil. So no fat only great taste making it a great gift for ones you care about.

4. Leather Wallet

Leather Wallet

This is an age old and very popular gift. Wallets are something that is used regularly, hence wears out pretty quickly. So there is always a need of it in every few months make a leather wallet and evergreen gifting item for a guy. An extensive range of wallet is available online; pick the one that combines quality and durability along with affordability.

5. Customized T-Shirt

Customized T-Shirt

Do you have a fan in your home? Present them a customized t-shirt with the picture of their favourite personality or character or quotation inscribed on it. Tons such unique t-shirts available at that can make a perfect gift.

6. Headphones


Stylish, colourful headphones look quite attractive. Now these are also available wireless variants making then convenient to carry and use. Music lovers definitely long to own a pair of headphones that are designed to make music better. So this Christmas, gift them one to enjoy the most immersive experience.

7. Gourmet Gift Basket

Gourmet Gift Basket

A Gourmet Gift Basket makes the best surprise gift. It is not something that anyone needs, but even a simple one can brings along immeasurable happiness. You can present it to someone who have never received this kind of gift before. So, prepare your basket inundated with tasty treats that are high quality. Choose products best suites the taste of your dear one.

8. Home Décor

Home Décor

Home décor offers a huge variant to choose from. These can be clocks, wall hangings, shelves, artificial flowers, vases, stickers and more. These make inexpensive and good gift item and you can easily find products that suits their tastes.

9. Camera


A camera can make the photographer in your family most happy. Buy from brands like Sony, Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, Digitek, and more, you can choose from DSLRs, Digital Camera and Camcorders as per your preference.

10. e-Gift Card

e-Gift Card

Still confused about what to buy? Nothing to worry! Buy an e-gift card to present the freedom of shopping according to their wish. This is best option for buying a fully customized gift that is just the exact piece they want.

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Top 10 Unique Christmas Gift Basket Ideas For Families