Wipro (WCCLG) FMCG products list 2018, Ad, and Review

We all know that Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting is one of the leading and fastest growing business units in India, dealing with consumable commodities. The company has a strong brand presence and holds a significant share in the industry. After capturing the local market, it has now gained a footprint globally through the acquisition of multiple foreign brands. Today, we’ll be talking about the complete Wipro (WCCLG) FMCG products list 2018, Advertisement (Ad), review, and more about these fast-moving consumer goods sold under its banner.

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WCCLG sells a wide range of products from personal care, baby care, wellness, fabric cleaners, and lighting solutions in the Indian as well as Asian markets. Check out more details below.

What is Wipro manufacturing?

Wipro Limited (Western India Products Limited) consists of separate business units which operate in different segments.

Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting

It deals with manufacturing and selling of FMCG commodities.

Wipro Infrastructure Engineering

It manufactures hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic components, and their solutions.

Other Business Segments

This consists of research and development, IT solutions and services, Consulting, Outsourcing, and more.

What are the FMCG products by Wipro (WCCLG)?

Toilet Soap: Santoor & Chandrika


The company sells a wide range of toilet soaps. Its key sub-brands in this segment include Santoor and Chandrika.

Fragrances: Powder, Deo & Perfume (Enchanteur, Santoor & Yardley)


In the luxury fragrances segment, Wipro sells deodorants, powder, and perfumes from sub-brands from Enchanteur, Santoor, and Yardley.

Skin Care: Face & Hand Wash and Body Lotion (Santoor & Chandrika)


The skin care includes face wash, hand wash and body lotion from Santoor and Chandrika.

Wellness Product: Glucovita & Sweet n Healthy


The Glucovita Glucose-D powders and bolts are meant for replenishing body energy instantly. The Sweet n Healthy is sugar-free sweetener which adds tasted to food without adding extra calories and fat to your body.

Safewash: Liquid Detergent & Fabric Conditioner


Wipro Safewash liquid detergent is meant to wash woolens and delicates fabrics without wear and tear. On the other hand, the Safewash fabric conditioner brightens up and adds fragrance to your clothes that last long.

Baby Care: Diapers, Powder, Soap, etc.


Wipro’s Baby Soft range includes Diapers, Powder, Soap, and other baby care products for your little ones.

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